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Hello World! Im Amy/NAS. Was born on 15 Disember 1996 in Hospital Kota Tinggi, Johor Bahru. I was in form 5 and taken pure science. Are addicted to the camera and the colour pink. I'm searching for my strength with the help from Allah. (Y)

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The Hardest Goodbye
Sunday, 14 June 2015 | 9:12 pm | 0 Sweet Cupcake

I have a lot of story to share tapi malam ni tengah malas. Lapar.
Nasib lah esok ada waktu terluang lagi untuk aku hadap laptop lagi.
Kalau tak lappy aku pun mereput sekor dalam beg.
Lappy aku pun dah pandai eh mereput sekarang ni.
Nah aku bagi poem je. Ko amek tak kasi aku siap ko. *marah*

Aku malas sbb sekarang aku tengah menghayati lagu raya.

The memories wouldn’t remain here
The times we have spent together
That my heart unable to bear
We may not stay forever.

I remembered our first met
Feels like it was only yesterday
Moments of good and bad
And sadly it has to end this way.

You are like the twinkling stars
When its dark, you give me light
Surely will left a scar
That you will be no longer in my sight.

I wish we have more time
Filling our hearts with joy and laughter
Though it is only a short while
And please always try to remember.

We’ve already seen various scenery inside the trial and errors
And also in the long days we passed
It’s not yet the real feelings, but it could be easily remembered
The day when I fooling around with you.

Far away, far away, no matter how far you are
Within the time that flows by
The memories of the times we spent together
Will never ever disappear.

To all the people who have supported me
This heartfelt rhapsody goes out to you
To send you my feelings of appreciation
Thank you, I really thank you.