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Hello World! Im Amy/NAS. Was born on 15 Disember 1996 in Hospital Kota Tinggi, Johor Bahru. I was in form 5 and taken pure science. Are addicted to the camera and the colour pink. I'm searching for my strength with the help from Allah. (Y)

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Saturday, 12 March 2016 | 1:01 am | 0 Sweet Cupcake

Hi mate.
Are you doing fine?
Yaaa, I'm still here. I'm still like this.
Waiting for you.
To come back.
But, it feels like. A dream. Hopeless.
It will never happen 😔

But, I trust Allah.
I put all my hopes on Him.
Allah the Almighty.
He listens to all His servants dua.

One day,
When the day comes thru,
The truth will be revealed.
It's all surely will not come from me.
But.. Allah. 
He knows everything.
When the soul can't let all things out itself,
Allah's there. He's willing to help.

Bcs.. Every tests that He gave to us.
He knows we can handle it.
That's why Allah will not test us beyond our capability.
He tests us as we can handle it. Based on our level.

Mate, I'm dying here for missing you.
Can you feel it?

Idk what I should do now.
You're not here.
I'm sick. I'm very weak.
Titik2 terakhir berada di sini.
It's a half way thru.
May Allah still gv me strength to go thru all of this.

I know you won't be reading this.
But.. If one day you found my blog.
My so called curahan hati.
I want you to know that,
Saya sayang awak sangat.
You're the greatest gift that Allah gv to me after my parents and family.

Maybe till now you think I'm a bad person,
A bad friend.
I understand. 
And I admit, I'm also human.
I do a lot of mistakes.

Trust me.
There's a lot of things you didn't know too.
It will be revealed someday.
Either you want to know or not about it.

You're still my partner in crime.
You're my protector. My angel.
You won't be replaced.
You won't be forgotten.
And you will always be missed. 

I hope you also feel the same.
Nah it's okay. 😂😞

I pray wherever you are,
Whatever you're doing now,
Allah is protecting you.
May Allah gives you a good health and His countless blessings.

Sayang selalu,
Me, your homies. :'))