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Hello World! Im Amy/NAS. Was born on 15 Disember 1996 in Hospital Kota Tinggi, Johor Bahru. I was in form 5 and taken pure science. Are addicted to the camera and the colour pink. I'm searching for my strength with the help from Allah. (Y)

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Tuesday, 1 August 2017 | 10:13 pm | 0 Sweet Cupcake

It will never fade.
It will always be with me,
Whether its good or bad.

Thankyou for loving me,
For all this while,
Thankyou for the memories,
I wont forget it.

You are the greatest gift ive ever had,
Im sorry,
For letting you go,
Its the best for us.

I hope you will find someone better than me,
You deserve the best.
Let me go.
I know you can.

We can still be friends right?
No matter how far i go, you will always be here.

Dont worry.
I dont hate you.
You can be my brother aite? 😊

Dont be sad.
Im here.
And always be.

Take care, Muhammad Irfan Daniel bin Damien.